Additional Services

for Businesses

Business Start Ups
We can advise on the best structure for new businesses, such as sole trader, partnership or a limited company and complete the registration processes on your behalf.

Business Plans and Projections
Businesses can require financial plans and projections for reasons such as finance applications, expansion plans or budgeting. We can provide the necessary forecasts and prepare formal documents including business plans, as required.

Tax Planning Advice
We offer advice concerning the taxes that are faced by small companies. There are to many opportunities for planning advice to list but includes :

  • Tax efficient profit extraction for owner managed companies.
  • VAT registration or deregisration and operation of VAT schemes such as flat rate scheme.
  • Capital allowances claims including retrospective claims.
  • Research & Development Tax Credits.

Systems and software
We have experience on many accounting systems including the software available to assist your business in maintaining financial control. We can advise on the best products for you.

New Legislation
As new rules and responsibilities come along regularly for the small business owner, we can keep you up to date with such changes. Auto-enrolment in to a work place pension is one such change that employers need to act upon.

Company Secretarial Services
A limited company must act in accordance with the provisions of company law. We can ensure that your company paperwork as well, as your financial records, are maintained properly and filed as required at Companies House.

Professional Partnerships
From time to time, your business will require assistance and advice on a range of subjects. We take care of all matters related to business finances and taxes and we have also established professional partnerships with national organisations, allowing us to put our clients in touch with the appropriate advisers on matters such as:

  • Employment law
  • Legal advice
  • Commercial Finance
  • Independent Financial Advice

Tax Enquiry Service
Through one of our professional partners, we offer a cost effective tax enquiry service which means for a low cost annual premium, all of the costs of defending your business against any aspect or full enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs are covered.

Additional Services

for Individuals

Tax Advice and Planning
There are many complicated aspects to personal taxes and many pitfalls to avoid. We can assist individuals not only with income tax problems but also with issues such as Capital Gains Tax, for example when selling a rental property, or Inheritance Tax to help you to protect and pass on your assets.

Financial Planning
Financial advice must be given by professionals regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our professional partners are properly qualified and regulated and can assist in all manner of financial products including savings, investments, pensions and mortgages.

Tax Enquiry Service
Individuals as well as businesses can face an enquiry in to a self assessment tax return. Through one of our professional partners, we offer a cost effective tax enquiry service which means for a low cost annual premium, all of the costs of defending yourself against any aspect or full enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs are covered.


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About us

Our team deals with the day to day financial tasks that you would expect from your accountant, but there is more to us than that because we work hard to build up good working relationships so we can understand your business or personal finances properly.

This can be from day one if you are thinking about a new business venture or by quickly getting up to speed for a more established business.

For your business, we go about our work quietly behind the scenes and with minimum fuss. We care about doing a good job and that makes us an important member of your team, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. Take a look at our "more about us" page to find out more.

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General Services

General services, sometimes called compliance services, means doing the things that need to be done at the right time so that you or your business does not miss any deadlines for filing paperwork.

Where paperwork or returns are not filed on time with authorities such as HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House, financial penalties can quickly mount up and grow in to a real problem.

Take a look at our general services page to see what we can do for you or your business.

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Additional Services

As well as the very important general services that we offer to businesses and individuals that ensure compliance with paperwork filing, we can offer so much more.

We make sure we understand you and your business and that puts us in an ideal position to offer ideas, planning strategy and advice designed to maximise profits and minimise taxes.

Take a look at our additional services page to see what extra services we can offer you or your business.

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